Financial assistance to volunteers and activists

​The Foundation provides financial assistance to volunteers and activists who continue to fight the regime inside the country, and at the same time, find themselves in a difficult financial situation due to participation in their protest activities.
"A Country to Live in" fund helps activists and volunteers of all joint headquarters - Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, Viktor Babariko, and Valeriy Tsepkalo, as well as Akrestsin volunteers and volunteers of the Honest People initiative.

The lump sum is € 300.

If you need help, please fill out an application. Your request will be considered and put in a queue. Please fill in all fields carefully. The answer will come to the mail that you indicate in the appeal (it is essential to check the SPAM folder). If you did not receive a response or find it in the SPAM folder, write to us again at If you need any other help - also write to us. "A Country to Live in" foundation cooperates with many organizations.

The volunteer movement continues to work on a peaceful change of government, the establishment of the rule of law, the release of political prisoners, and fair elections.

Volunteers and activists of all headquarters are persecuted for their active civic stance, pressure from the illegitimate authorities and are left without a livelihood. These are our heroes who never give up, but they have a hard time.

Volunteers and activists are the people whom the illegitimate government is so afraid of. After all, these people have their own opinion. They know their rights, how the Constitution works and how the law should work. These people continue to fight in peaceful ways no matter what, support each other, showing solidarity and humanity.

They are the future of the new Belarus, our Country to Live in.

Support the heroes here. Remember that only together can we cope with everything.

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