Maria Moroz on the air of "Malanka Media"

The head of "A Country to Live in" foundation Maria Moroz gave an interview to "Malanka Media" YouTube channel. She spoke about the work of the Foundation in recent months.

Let us remind you that in August we held the action "Get the child to school" and in addition to moral satisfaction from the work performed, we received many grateful responses.

“We received a very good response to this action and therefore decided to organize a new one -“ Flowers for a mother whose son is behind bars ”. We perfectly understand how hard it is for women now. We communicate, we see the emotional state of mothers, wives, children. How they miss their relatives, whom they have not seen for a long time.

Now we want to do at least something pleasant for them on Mother's Day - to give a bouquet of flowers, a postcard. There will not be written from whom it is. We want them to feel that this is from relatives who are now in prison. It may turn out to be more, but so far we are planning to donate 200 bouquets.”

See the full interview here.

You can give a bouquet to mothers and wives of political prisoners here.
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