Sergey Tikhanovsky

Alexander Gapankov talks about Sergey Tikhanovsky

Sergey Tikhanovsky became one of the triggers of the Belarusian Revolution. The stream, which he has been leading since 2019, showed how Belarus under Lukashenko differs from the сountry in which we would like to live. Today we will tell you about Alexander Gapankov. He became the hero of one of the streams of Sergey Tikhanovsky. Sergey inspired Alexander not to give up but to fight for a better Belarus.

The story of Sergey Tikhanovsky, told in the film

Since May 29 last year, blogger and businessman Sergey Tikhanovsky has been imprisoned. More than 10 months ago, he was arrested in Grodno after a performance with a strange woman and a couple of police officers. We suggest that you once again recall the story of Sergei.

Sergey Tikhanovsky answered your questions!

May 29, 2020, was the last day when Belarusians had the opportunity to freely approach Sergey and take a photo with a blogger who quickly gained popularity for his courage and desire for truth. We are grateful for the questions you left to Sergey, and we hasten to share his answers from the conclusion.