The daily routine of Sergei Tikhanovsky in prison

Sergey Tikhanovsky has been in custody on trumped-up charges for more than six months. However, he himself tries not to lose heart and believes: the night is darker before dawn.
And in a recent letter, Sergey Tikhanovsky talked about exactly how his everyday life goes in prison.

Prison regime of Sergey Tikhanovsky. ​Schedule
  • 6.00 - rise, cleaning
  • 7.00 - breakfast
  • 8.00 - check and report to the officer
  • 9.00 - walk for two hours in a tiny prison courtyard of 15 meters
  • 11.00 - tea, watching zombie TV, answering letters
  • 13.00 - lunch
  • 14.00 - reading books, answering letters, watching programs about a conspiracy theory on state TV
  • 18.00 - dinner, cleaning
  • 20.00 - check
  • 22.00 - hang up


Lawyers come to Sergey twice a week, sometimes in company with an investigator. Occasionally he is taken on an "excursion" to Minsk, which also somewhat brightens the monotonous everyday life.
In Belarusian prisons, there is a peculiar idea of personal hygiene: you can use a shower only once a week (but “as much as” 15 minutes). It is also possible to go “for purchases” to the store (there is even ice cream in the assortment). Books, another important element of prison life, can be changed once a week.


Correspondence is the most important way of communication between a prisoner and the outside world. Sergey Tikhanovsky is no exception. It is best to send him a certified letter - it goes faster. And please include your self-addressed envelope. Sergey will definitely answer you.
Try to write accurately about the events taking place outside the walls of the prison cell. But not necessarily the most important ones - Sergey has a general idea of them thanks to TV. You can add up to two photos to the letter (you may take photos of some events).
At the same time, it is important to do without calls and curses. It makes no sense to send newspapers - they are confiscated. Also, no transfers are needed - volunteers give Sergey the necessary things.
Sergey Tikhanovsky receives about a hundred letters a week and answers everything. Although some letters still do not reach the addressees.

The direct speech of Sergey Tikhanovsky: “At some point, your letters were very supportive! They were very much needed. They write from all over the world: most of all the Russian Federation, Poland, Germany, France, Lithuania, USA. The farthest are Singapore, Australia, Thailand. More than 20 countries in total ... Many hand-drawn portraits, postcards, children's drawings. Thank you very much!"

Mail address:

Tikhanovsky Sergey Leonidovich
Prison number 8
St. Sovetskaya, 22a
Republic of Belarus 222163

Prison is an ordeal, especially if you find yourself there undeservedly. At the same time, there are places in Belarus where people are treated even worse than in prison. For example, the CIP in Okrestin Street, where Belarusians were mutilated in August, and now they are tortured (they are kept in cells designed for a smaller number of people, they are not given mattresses, they are not disinfected). In the future, the current regime architects will fully appreciate the penitentiary system they have built.

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