An appeal to Belarusians

725 detained in Belarus as a result of anti-war protests.

Dear Belarusians. Today, many of us are in despair. We do not know what to do and how to cope with this terrible fact - our country has sided with the aggressor against a good neighbor - Ukraine.  Today we face hostility in the EU countries and in Ukraine itself. But the worst thing is that we drive ourselves into a psychological pit - we are to blame, we allowed. Enough.

On February 27, 725 people were arrested at rallies and anti-war rallies in Belarus. Friends, you know well what it is like to protest today in Belarus, occupied by the dictatorial regime.  For Ukrainians, let's say it's a heroic deed.  The same as singing the Ukrainian national anthem in the DNR or raising the yellow and blue flag in the Crimea. For Europeans, we can compare the appearance on the streets of Minsk with a call to stop the war - a walk-in Nazi-era Berlin with pacifist slogans. The people who do it in Belarus today are heroes.

Now Ukraine and the whole world are fighting Putin's Russia and Lukashenko's Belarussia. We can not sprinkle their heads with ashes but help them in this fight. Belarusians, let's do everything possible in our conditions. If you can - join the Ukrainian army, which is courageously fighting for the independence of its own and the whole of Europe. If you can - continue to help refugees leaving Ukraine. Donate money, things, or your free time, tell about the movements of soldiers on the territory of our country. Finally, do not go to work in Belarus or sabotage it.

Belarusian militaries - lay down your arms, do not follow criminal orders. If you are able, show your will and strength - stop your commander-in-chief, Lukashenko. You can wash away the blood of peaceful Belarusians in August 2020. You can be humans.
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