Gratitude from the children of political prisoners

"Thank you all for the gifts to the school. You are the best!"

This is what we all work for and continue to move towards our common goal! The beautiful children of political prisoners convey THANKS to everyone who helped them get ready for school, to everyone who has supported and continues to support their families financially for more than six months.

Unfortunately, we cannot name the names or show you photos of these dear people, their emotions, and joy, but believe me - you are all doing a great job, and this will never be forgotten. The time will come - and everything will fall into place. Thank you again for your solidarity!

"A Country to Live in" foundation continues its campaign to support the children of political prisoners. If it does not burden your family budget, please support the children of the heroes. Thus, you will make a significant contribution to building a real Country to Live in Belarus.

"Adults don't give up!"
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