Let's be in solidarity

Right now, when you are reading this text, repression in Belarus is reaching a new level, and the sad list of political prisoners is increasing hourly.

A wave of detentions of activists swept across the country this week. Moreover, for an arrest or a search, even a formal reason is not needed for a long time - the punishers invent them right on the go or already retroactively.

Political prisoners and persons not recognized as such are subjected to inhuman treatment and torture in colonies and isolation wards, sometimes paying for the impunity of nonhumans in uniform with their own lives.

Please help ease their existence in the inhuman conditions of the lukashenka penitentiary system.

Order the necessary goods for political prisoners. If you do not have the means, write a letter, support people morally.

Make your contribution to building a solidarity society of the new Belarus.

Pay for the transfer to the political prisoner here.

Support the families of political prisoners here.
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