"Festival of the Awakened". Line Up

The organizers of the "Festival of the Awakened" have named a complete list of artists and their schedule of performances. But, first, let us remind you that the festival will take place on August 6-7 on the Borik glade, near the village of Gorodok Bialystok powiat in Poland.

All caring Belarusians can become spectators of this action. Detailed instructions on what to take with you, we have already posted earlier.

According to the organizers, the performances of the musicians are not the only element of the festival. Its guests will be able to find themselves in an impromptu TV studio, where they will learn about the problems of Belarus and Belarusians. Also, there will be author's meetings, a lecture on Podlasie herbs, and the Belarusian horoscope.

The smallest ones will be able to try their hand at drawing T-shirts, Belarusian embossing, making paper dolls, and even take part in dance master classes.

And here is the schedule of the performers' performances. We advise you not to miss it!

  • 13.00 - the festival is open for you
  • 15.00 - first discussion on the main stage
  • 16.00 - second discussion on the main stage
  • 17.00 - third discussion on the main stage
  • 18.00 - KINATERAPIYA
  • 20.00 - official opening and ISNA TRIO
  • 23.00 - SW @ DA PROJECT
  • 24.00 - 03.00 - JUST DANCE - dance DJ sets
  • 13.00 - fourth discussion on the main stage/masterclasses on coloring T-shirts in the 2nd zone of the festival
  • 14.00 - author's meeting with Andrey Khadanovich on the main stage. / Reading Belarusian fairy tales in the II zone
  • 16.00 - 5th discussion on the main stage / practical exercises of the Belarusian vytinanka in zone II
  • 17.00 - 6th discussion on the main stage/master classes on making paper dolls in traditional Belarusian clothes in zone II
  • 18.00 - VII discussion on the main stage/dance master classes in zone II / Belarusian horoscope with Varvara Goralchuk
  • 19.00 - Festival film screenings/meeting of the author with the photographer Yuri Raetskiy
  • 21.00 - ILO & FRIENDS
  • 22.00 - Red greens
  • 23.00 - NAVIBAND
  • 24.00 - Alina Pash
  • 01.00 - 04.00 - JUST DANCE - dance DJ sets. In addition, various events will be held in the tents of our partners!
"A Country to Live in" foundation is one of the partners of the Festival. This means that you can buy merchandise and merchandise (T-shirts, hoodies, caps, flags, etc.) of our organization at the venue. All the proceeds will go to help families of political prisoners with children.

Come to the Festival - it will be interesting!
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