Parcels for families of political prisoners. Why is it important

Family members of political prisoners answer the question "Why are parcels to prisoners necessary?"

One of the main activities of  "A Country to Live in" foundation is helping political prisoners and their families. Today they themselves told why it is important *.

* The names of relatives of political prisoners have been changed for security reasons.


"The families of political prisoners need help like air, and not because a breadwinner, a loved one was taken from the family ...

But because you feel that a piece of your heart has been ripped out! And "A Country to Live in" extended a helping hand and somehow it was immediately easier !!!"


"This is important because even by helping our relatives with the programs, you make it clear that we are not alone in our trouble and there is hope! And where there is HOPE, there is the realization that everything will certainly work out! Many thanks to "A Country to Live in" foundation !!! Together to Victory! "

You can also collect a parcel for prisoners online and help families.
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