Solidarity is the power of Belarusians

In the conditions of dictatorship and continuing terror, solidarity remains the only mighty weapon of the Belarusians.

Having lost the remnants of adequacy, the "leader" continues to drive the country into an economic hole, destroy the remnants of sovereignty, and burn out islands of civil society. He wants to turn Belarus into a black hole, where laws work only in his favor, dissent is suppressed by force, and uniting people is impossible.

It is within our power not to let him do this.

Right now, Belarusians continue to assist political prisoners and members of their families. With this kind of support just last week, we:
  • Found a volunteer for the mother of a political prisoner. Now they visit her, control the pills, and also help around the house, etc.
  • In different cities of the country, 11 fans received from caring Belarusians were handed over to volunteers. Now the summer heat is a little easier for political prisoners. You have to understand that when it's +20 on the street, then in prison, it's +50. It often happens that 15 people are sitting in a four-bed cell, there is no fresh air flow, the windows are tightly clogged, there is condensation on the walls, people are breathing clouds of cigarette smoke.
  • Also, thanks to the solidarity of Belarusians, we were able to pay 66 families financial assistance. Unfortunately, although our advertising offices are blocked, it is much more difficult to raise funds to help political prisoners.
It is in our power to oppose solidarity to the crazy older man. But, in the end, there are many of us, and he is only one.

Together we will move mountains.
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