Thanks for the kind words

For more than half a year, "A Country to Live in" foundation has been working to ensure that help from caring people from all over the world reaches its addressees.

Those who have faced Lukashenko's regime but continue to struggle and need support.

These people are heroes.

In the new Belarus, their names will be inscribed in history textbooks! Despite everything, activists remain in the country and continue to peacefully express their opinions and opinions of 97% of Belarusians. They do it for themselves and for the guy who received six years of strict regime, for the girl who suffered on August 9 and is still undergoing treatment, for the child who has not seen mom and dad for a year and fled abroad with his grandmother.

These people are relatives of political prisoners who were left without a husband, son, father, or mother.

And they also continue to believe in victory, despite all the ordeals with transmissions, refusals to meet, closed trials, and fabricated cases.

These people are not indifferent Belarusians who did not accept the lawlessness, did not give up.

We cannot tell their names now, but you should know that they are helping political prisoners. And we are happy to share warm words with them for the support they provided during the dark times.

Thank you for being.

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