Sergey Eremeev is still not allowed to have a lawyer

The rights of Belarusian citizen Sergey Eremeev, whom Russian law enforcement suspects of explosions of trains on the Baikal-Amur Mainline (BAM), continue to be restricted.

Eremeev is being held in "Lefortovo" pre-trial detention center in Moscow without access to a lawyer. This is explained in a strange manner – supposedly due to the necessity of permission from the investigator (which does not comply with Russian laws). However, the name of the investigator in Lefortovo is not disclosed.

Documents containing the name of the investigator, such as the criminal case file, are also not provided. This is justified by the absence of a legal contract with the relatives of the suspect. But this is also untrue, as anyone can hire a lawyer, not necessarily a relative of the accused.

In the end, it turns out that to obtain the case file, permission from the investigator is required, whose name is only it the criminal case papers. A closed loop is created, the purpose of which is to force the person in isolation to confess to their guilt.

The same trend was observed in cases of other individuals accused of sabotage in Russia – independent lawyers were not allowed to them. Belarusian human rights activists will try other avenues.
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