About "A Country to Live in" Foundation

"A Country to Live in" Foundation was created to help Belarusian political prisoners and their families. Our team organizes and conducts training programs for activists and volunteers within Belarus.

About "A Country to Live in" Foundation

Who we are

"А Country to Live in" Foundation team is human rights activists, lawyers, managers, psychologists, marketers, copywriters, activists, public and non-public employees. Our goal is to help political prisoners and their families and to free all those who have been unjustly condemned by the dictatorial regime. We were forced out of our native country by threats, but we did not give up and did not keep silent. We are Belarusians, and we want to stand up for our rights and support those who are having the hardest time - political prisoners and their families.

What we've already done

For example:
  1. 290,367 euros have been paid to the families of political prisoners.
  2. 111 391 euros paid to activists
  3. 6 054 kilograms of food donated to political prisoners
  4. 368 children of political prisoners got ready for school511 children of political prisoners have received presents for the New Year
  5. 150 Belarusians received legal assistance 
  6. 470 Belarusians received visa support
  7. 954 hours of free therapy with a psychologist were provided to those in need
  8. Shelters in Warsaw and Vilnius have received people in the most critical moments

What we are doing now and what we still have to do

To support activists within the country, we are implementing a series of projects. The Foundation team does this based on the current circumstances, opportunities and conditions. The social networks, logo, and almost everything that contains the words "Country for Life" or "Country to Live in" in its names have been recognized as extremist.  But we still loudly declare about the crimes of the regime and continue to help and support Belarusians. 

We implement the following projects:
  1. Legal Aid Project "Lawyer in Touch" 
  2. The psychological help project "Psychologist Nearby"

For their active civil position, Belarusians have suffered a lot and are still subjected to persecution and pressure of illegitimate authorities. More than 1.5 thousand Belarusians are sitting in prisons for political reasons, and new people are still behind bars because of their views. Their families are left without means of subsistence. And even after their release from prison, people can't escape persecution. These are our heroes who have a hard time, but they never give up.

That is why we implement assistance programs to support political prisoners:
  1. Family Friend Solidarity Program
  2. "Medical expenses compensation"
  3. "Assistance to families of political prisoners"

In addition, the Foundation's team implements actions timed to specific dates, for example, Children's Day, September 1, and New Year's Eve. There are also non-public projects, for example, the project to help Belarusians inside the country to ensure their safety. 

In our work, we focus on openness, transparency, and strict reporting. Every person is important to us, and our help should reach everyone.