About Us

“A Country to Live in” fund was founded by Sergey Tikhanovskiy and Svetlana Tikhanovskaya to support Belarus' activist and volunteer movement.

The volunteer movement became the backbone of the 2020 election campaign. Thousands of people in Belarus are giving their time and effort to achieve one common goal: life in a country free from cruelty, lawlessness, and corruption.

The volunteer movement provides assistance and support to the ideas of a peaceful change in government, the establishment of the law's justice, the release of all people imprisoned for their views, and the facilitation of fair elections.

Volunteers associated with candidates’ campaigns during this past 2020 election are persecuted for their active positions, pressured by the illegitimate authorities, and often left without a livelihood. These volunteers are our heroes.

The Foundation assists them in several areas:

The Foundation plans to expand its activities.

The Foundation’s principles are openness, transparency, and accountability. Every person is important to us, and our help must reach every person in need.

Our Foundation provides material support to all joint headquarters' activists and volunteers, including Tikhanovskaya, Babariko, and Tsepkalo. We are together – and only together we are strong!

Help our cause – and enable our volunteers and activists to continue their work!