About "A Country to Live in" Foundation

"A Country to Live in" Foundation was created to help Belarusian political prisoners and work to build a democratic society and state.

About "A Country to Live in" Foundation

Who we are

Employees of "A Country to Live in" Foundation, who until 2020 did not even know each other, met at a fateful moment for our country. We united then, and we are going together towards a common goal until now. We firmly follow our principles.
In 2020, each of us faced arrests, threats, and expulsion from our native country, but we did not give up and did not shut up. We still speak loudly about the regime's crimes and continue to help and support Belarusians. Criminal articles hang on each of us, and our Telegram channel and logo are recognized as extremist in our homeland.

What we've already done

In 2021, we focused on helping political prisoners, and in addition, we implemented several educational projects.
For example:
  • Self-government project (organized more than 50 lectures in 20 cities on the topic “how real, local self-government can and should work”)
  • Information project "Real News" (issue of a newspaper with analytics, life stories, truthful information about Belarus and Belarusians)
  • Legal project "Let's get back to the legal track" (a detailed story about how exactly the Belarusian state does not comply with its laws).  Legal assistance was also provided to 150 Belarusians
  • Project "Real economy" (a series of video materials about the current state of affairs in the economy of Belarus)
  • The work of shelters in Bialystok and Vilnius was organized (for more than 6 months in 2020-2021, we provided shelter for Belarusians who fled from repressions)
  • Visa support provided to 470 Belarusians

The basis of our activity is assistance to political prisoners. Here are some successful examples of its implementation:
  • Assistance to the families of political prisoners (we regularly supported from 27 to 98 families during the year, paying them 300 euros a month). The total amount of assistance was 216,747 euros
  • Help volunteers and activists. A total of €87,751 has been paid out. 286 activists were affected by the program
  • The project Santa Claus Mail (congratulations to the children of political prisoners on the New Year). 221 children received gifts
  • Project Flowers for a mother whose child is behind bars (we congratulated more than 200 mothers of our heroes)
  • Get Your Child to School Project (assisted in buying school supplies for more than 140 children of political prisoners)
What we are doing now and what we still have to do

Today, in war conditions, the Foundation team continues to work and show solidarity. We address assistance to political prisoners in our native country and Belarusians whom lukashenko forced to leave their homeland. Our Foundation stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, who are fighting the Russian dictator, and together with you, we are opening a home for refugees with children from Ukraine (regardless of their nationality or citizenship).
Belarusians are still being persecuted for their active citizenship, under pressure from illegitimate authorities, and are left without a livelihood. These are our heroes who never give up, but they have a hard time. That is why we are implementing two assistance programs to support political prisoners:

An important aspect of the activities of "A Country to Live in" Foundation is education. We are currently implementing the following projects-initiatives:

  • Creation of a shelter for refugees from Ukraine
  • "Polaris Project. Leader of civil initiatives
  • Summer holidays under the "Cultural Exchange" program for the children of political prisoners, activists, and strikers

In our work, we focus on openness, transparency, and accountability. Every person is important to us, and for our help to reach as many people as possible.