"Psychologist nearby" Psychological support project

This project offers an initial counseling session and 10 free therapy sessions for anyone in need. Feel free to reach out to a psychologist; sometimes, it can help you move forward in life and not give up. It doesn't matter what kind of problem brought you to us; what's important is that we have the opportunity to help!

"Psychologist nearby" Psychological support project

The project "Psychologist Nearby" is created to support families of political prisoners and all those who have suffered from repression. The aim of the project is to provide accessible and effective psychological support for those in need, helping them restore their psychological health and quality of life. We have qualified psychologists who will offer an individualized plan to achieve this goal.

Who can apply for help?

  • Relatives of political prisoners
  • Anyone who has been a victim of state repression
  • Belarusians in need of psychological support
  • Activists and staff of various initiatives and organisations

How does it work?

Get in touch with us via @stranafund_psy_Bot on Telegram. Volunteer psychologists with specialized education and practical experience will work with you.

ATTENTION: We respect your privacy; we do not collect personal data or offer any application forms. Your treatment can be completely anonymous if you prefer.

Seeking help from a psychologist is important. A specialist can assist you in addressing not only psychological problems but also the difficulties caused by them. A psychologist provides a neutral and protected space for you to express your feelings and thoughts, offering support and advice on how to cope with your problems. Talking to a psychologist can help increase your life satisfaction and improve the quality of your relationships with others.

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