Total number of political prisoners
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"A Country to Live in" foundation 
created to help Belarusian political prisoners and work to build a democratic society and state
Our Mission Statement:

In 2020, the people of Belarus had chosen in favor of democracy and genuine democracy, rejecting lies and dictatorship. Repression was the answer for all of us.

Hundreds of thousands of Belarusians have left the country today. Tens of thousands have gone through torture and humiliation in detention centers. More than a thousand are imprisoned for political reasons. More than a dozen people died due to the actions of the security forces.

Today, our Foundation is at the forefront of the fight against dictatorship and assists Belarusian political prisoners.

The mission of "A Country to Live in" foundation is to ensure that our work eventually becomes irrelevant. As a result, all political prisoners became free, people who left because of repressions could return home, and a democratic regime was established in Belarus.

But as long as there are political prisoners in Belarus. For example, Sergei Tikhanovsky, the initiator of the creation of our Foundation who was sentenced to 18 years in prison, is behind bars; we cannot leave our activities.

Results of the year in numbers

  • 216,747 euros paid to the families of political prisoners
  • 87,751 euros were transferred to Belarusian volunteers and activists
  • 150 Belarusians received legal assistance
  • 470 Belarusians received visa support
  • 221 children received gifts for the New Year
  • more than 140 children of political prisoners gathered for the school
  • more than 200 mothers of our heroes received flowers for Mother's Day
  • more than 500 people have been trained under the Foundation's programs


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