Фонд «Страна Для Жизни»
создан для поддержки активистов
и волонтерского движения
Волонтерское движение стало основой предвыборной кампании 2020 года по выборам
президента Республики Беларусь. Тысячи активистов отдавали и отдают свои силы и
время для достижения единой цели — жизни в стране, свободной от жестокости,
беззакония, несправедливости.
Our Mission Statement:

A Country to Live In begins with each and every one of us. At a turning point for our country, dedicated citizens give their strength, time, and talents to build a democratic society – a society where everyone has a right to freedom of speech, where there will be no place for violence and lies!

Our volunteers and activists will have their names etched in history as heroes who committed themselves to a free Belarus. And now many of them need our help and support!

Sergey Tikhanovsky is the founder of the “A Country for Living” Foundation. Our community foundation is committed to helping activists associated with campaign management during this past 2020 election, as well as the volunteers of the incredibly broad volunteer movement.

The foundation aims to preserve their lives and freedoms, assist them through current difficulties, save them from persecution and pressure, and protect their families.

Sergei and Svetlana Tikhanovskaya regard these people as a national treasure. They dedicate their efforts and risk their livelihoods for the sake of liberating Belarus from tyranny and oppression so that Belarus may prosper freely.

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