Assistance to families of political prisoners

The project involves helping political prisoners who have been prosecuted for their civil status and their families.

Within the framework of this direction, the following types of assistance are provided:
  • Assistance in collecting a political prisoner for the stage
  • Food aid to families of political prisoners
  • Material assistance to families of political prisoners (monthly support for families with minor children)
  • Information support for families of political prisoners

Payment of monthly financial assistance, which is 300 euros per family, is possible only upon presentation of the relevant documents. The period of the aid is considered individually.

We also hold campaigns supporting children (gifts for the New Year, gathering a child of a political prisoner to school). Today we are working on the action “flowers for the mother of a political prisoner.” The purpose of all these actions is to support the families of our heroes and the manifestation of solidarity by Belarusians from all over the world and people of goodwill.

You can support the families of political prisoners here. Only together, supporting each other in this challenging time, will we cope with everything.

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