Assistance to families of political prisoners

The project involves helping political prisoners who have been prosecuted for their civil status.

Who can qualify for help?

The program assists the families of political prisoners serving sentences associated with imprisonment or restriction of freedom on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. In addition, a relative of a political prisoner may act as an applicant.

What kind of help is being provided?
  • Financial assistance to families of political prisoners
  • Legal assistance
  • Psychological assistance

Assistance under this program is provided one-time and amounts to 300 euros.

How do I apply?

To ask for help, you must fill out the form correctly and attach the necessary documents.

Is it safe to send information?

We take the security of your data very seriously and understand all the risks associated with their leakage. Therefore all information is stored on special secure servers and will be deleted after a decision.

How quickly is a decision made?

Within 7 days after sending the appeal, a specialist will contact you. If your application meets all the formal criteria and within 3 calendar months, a decision will assist.

What can the assistance be used for?

For the needs of a political prisoner, including:
  • parcels
  • clothes
  • replenishment of personal account
  • hygiene products
  • stationery
  • medicines
  • the layer's services.

Within the project framework, we do not assist in paying loans and installments, rental housing, and all expenses associated with this, repayment of civil claims. 

"A Country to Live in" foundation holds campaigns supporting families of political prisoners and children (gifts for the Day of Child Defense, gathering the child of a political prisoner to school). Today we are implementing the the Family Friend solidarity program, which is a continuation of support for families with children after the payment of one-time assistance. The focus is also on families with senior parents and people with disabilities or serious illnesses. 

You can support the families of political prisoners here. Only together, supporting each other in this challenging time, will we cope with everything.
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