"Lawyer on Call" Legal aid project

Our project provides legal aid, which includes qualified advice and assistance in preparing the documents you need to defend your rights.

"Lawyer on Call" Legal aid project

The Country to Live in Foundation provides legal assistance to Belarusians through the Lawyer on Call project. Our specialists help those who contact us. This project was set up to help Belarusians with legal problems.

Who can ask for help?

  • Family members of political prisoners living in Belarus
  • Repressed Belarusians living in Belarus
  • Staff of non-governmental organisations and participants in civil society initiatives that share the principles of democracy, human rights and gender equality on legal issues related to activities in Belarus.

What kind of advice can our specialists offer?

  • Labour law
  • Administrative law
  • Civil law
  • Housing law
  • Commercial law
  • Social security law

The project involves specialists with many years of experience in the field. They have the expertise and are willing to help those who really need it.


Our specialists will provide assistance in the form of primary consultation, preparation of documents (statements, complaints, etc.) for government agencies and various organizations, and development of instructions in each individual case for protecting your rights.
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