Santa Claus mail

Friends, care, and solidarity are more important today than ever. Especially in Belarus, especially now - during the dictatorship, the raging covid, and the maddened government.

Santa Claus mail

We have existed in this mode for a long time. Finally, people are tired of being afraid, worrying, letting everything through themselves. And if adults are tired, what can we say about children - little Belarusians, who have one childhood that cannot be postponed.

So let us, adults, return the joy and a sense of security to children. Let's give some magic in these difficult times!

We know that the cherished desire of little Belarusians is to have their parents close. But, unfortunately, this is not the case today. It is in our power to change this - to give a gift from mom and dad, who is now in prison.

"A Country to Live in'' foundation announces Santa Claus mail opens! Any adult can become a kind wizard. Any little Belarusian whose mom or dad is in prison can also write letters and receive a gift.

How to participate?

The end of the year is always a time of miracles.

Become kind wizards and bring joy to children.

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