Our values

Our foundation adheres to the principles of maximum transparency and accountability to our donors, as well as our privacy policies.

In every aspect of our business, we advocate for transparency and accountability beyond the minimum requirements of law. Therefore, we guarantee compliance with the following principles in our work:


We guarantee entirely transparent work so that our donors can see the result of their donations. The list of our guarantees includes:
  • weekly publication of key financial indicators of the fund's performance, such as donations collected and grants disbursed, the actual ratio of disbursed grants to the costs of maintaining the fund, fundraising costs, distribution of disbursed grants between our programs, the number of applications submitted and approved, the number of volunteers and the actual time that the processing of the application takes.
  • publishing clear and understandable criteria by which we commit to being guided in decisions about assistance in each case.


We guarantee our donors the opportunity to receive reports on all funds raised with documentary evidence of expenditures in full accordance with our goals.

We undertake to undergo an annual audit by reputable auditing companies; the audit report will be published on the foundation's website to confirm that we fulfill the guarantees we give to our donors and aid recipients.

Donor Privacy Policy

  • we will not publish, sell, transfer, or exchange our donors' names or personal information to any other organization.
  • we are committed to using all the methods available to keep the personal data of donors safe and prevent it from falling into structures under the authority of the former President of Belarus.
  • exclusively with the permission of donors and with separate written consent, we may publish the name or initials of donors, their company name, or logo with or without donation amount, in a special section of our website dedicated to gratitude to our donors.
  • if donations are processed through a third-party service provider, our donors' information will only be used for the purposes necessary to process the donation.
  • these principles apply to all information received by the foundation, both online and offline, as well as to any electronic, written, or oral communication.

Recipient Privacy Policy

  • we guarantee non-disclosure of personal information received from people who seek help without their separate permission.
  • suppose the application is approved and the grant is disbursed. In that case, the minimum amount of personal information required to make a payment may be shared with a third-party payment / financial service provider, depending on the type of payment.
  • we undertake to use all the methods available to keep the personal data of applicants and recipients of assistance safe and prevent them from falling into structures subordinate to the former president of Belarus.
  • in addition to other common mechanisms, we use information compartmentalization as the foundation's cybersecurity mechanism. The information we receive from applicants for verification purposes is not distributed unnecessarily within our organization. Even then, only to the extent necessary for an employee performing a specific task.

Conflict of interest policy

Members of the Board of Trustees, our directors, and volunteers are obliged to withdraw themselves from solving issues in which they are financially interested (directly or indirectly), or their partners, friends, family members, or relatives.

Whistleblower Protection Program

Any of our employees or volunteers can confidentially report suspicion of violation of any policy or legislation, such as unreasonable payments, purchases from affiliates, etc., to the board of trustees. This complaint will be impartially considered at the meeting of the board of trustees. If such a complaint cannot be reported anonymously, the board of trustees guarantees that there are no consequences for the employee regardless of the investigation outcome.


Our Board of Trustees comprises people of impeccable reputation, and our mechanisms eliminate the possibility of misconduct. However, during our annual independent audit, we appoint an audit oversight committee to ensure that auditors receive all the information they need and to incorporate auditors' recommendations into our processes for continuous improvement.

Operating expenses for the foundation cannot exceed 20% of donations, per the foundation's charter, and we will strive to minimize these costs even further. These costs and their structure are also audited annually. The board of trustees receives a monthly spending report from the foundation management and individually from the project managers.

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