Temporary housing for refugees


Creation of shelters in Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, and Russia for refugees from Belarus in the form of individual houses with the possibility of staying 16-20 people for the period of adaptation.

A team of volunteers will provide the following types of assistance:

  • psychological and informational support
  • provide training courses
  • help with the delivery of food and clothes
  • help with finding a job

The Foundation will be responsible for:

  • Payment for accommodation for the first months of forced emigration
  • Payment for food
  • Payment for language courses

The project is launched in three stages:
  •  Launch of the shelter in Bialystok in December, budget 44,022
  •  Launch of the shelters in Kyiv and Vilnius in January, budget 56,650 
  • Launch of the shelters in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Moscow, and Riga, budget 99,440 


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