"Digital Support: Security Together"

Information security project of "A Country to Live in" Foundation together with the APIRA initiative. Rules of life in Belarus today.

"A Country to Live in" fiundation together with the initiative "APIRA," is carrying out a project on information security project "Digital Support: Security Together".

The Lukashenko regime continues its tactics of terror and intimidation. Not a day goes by without news of more arrests, and the authorities' resources frequently post videos of Belarusians coerced and tortured into making "confessions" under threat. Very often, the reason for detention and subsequent humiliations is the content found on phones or computers, such as subscriptions to "extremist" sources or photos from solidarity rallies.

All of this vividly demonstrates the importance of information security. While having a clean phone or computer won't shield you from the authorities' interest, it can significantly mitigate the consequences of their visit.

How can we help?
  • Cleaning and securing Telegram
  • Clearing browsing history and other activities on YouTube
  • Reviewing Google - checking cloud storage / turning off synchronization
  • Clearing Facebook, Instagram, Signal, and others
  • Setting up a VPN
  • Secure file deletion from your phone (teaching how to delete so they cannot be recovered)
  • Clearing browser history
  • Answering additional questions about your security
Contact channel on Telegram: @tech_rescuer1.

Remember about information security, take care of yourself and your loved ones.