Flowers for a mom whose son is behind bars

There is very little time left until Mother's Day. In Belarus, this holiday is celebrated on October 14.

Flowers for a mom whose son is behind bars

Since last August, tens of thousands of women in our country have been confronted with a ruthless machine of terror. Someone himself went through the torture of Akrestsin and police wagons, the violence of the "law enforcement officers," and the lies of the "justice system." Someone became acquainted with the soulless penitentiary system when his loved one was thrown into prison on a trumped-up charge.

Thousands of Belarusians still have not returned home to their loving relatives. Mothers do not see their sons, wives - husbands, children - fathers.

The smallest thing we can do today for these women is to give them a piece of attention and care, which was surrounded by their loving sons. So let's transfer mothers to those joyful days when they received a bouquet from a loved one, give them at least a little joy, smooth out wrinkles, and, even if not for long, return a smile to faces full of sorrow.

Let's remove the shackles from political prisoners and send flowers in support of mothers with their hands. In this section, you can buy a bouquet for the mother of a political prisoner, as well as a set of two (for the mother and wife of a political prisoner) or three (for the mother, wife, and daughter of a political prisoner) bouquets. Grief overtakes not only the mother but also all family members, and it will certainly be nice to receive a bouquet for both his wife and little daughter. 
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