Family friend solidarity program

Friends, "A Country to Live in" foundation continues to look for options to support political prisoners and their families amid growing repressions. And we ask everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of political prisoners to participate in the solidarity program and take families under guardianship.

Family friend solidarity program

Friends, "A Country to Live in" Foundation continues to look for ways to support political prisoners in the face of growing repressions, the withdrawal of the Belarusian agenda from the news feeds of the world, and, as a result, a decrease in the number and size of donations. The Family friend solidarity program is a continuation of the assistance project in providing monthly material support to the families of political prisoners.

What is the essence of the project?

The Foundation makes one-time payments to the family of a political prisoner. After that, the next family from the already formed queue takes the place of this family.

But what about the first family? It continues to need support because her loved ones are still imprisoned by the regime. 
This is where the Family Friend solidarity program is required.


A Family friend is a person or organization from any part of the world who wants to support a Belarusian political prisoner`s family. If you do not have the contact details of the people in need, or can`t transfer funds to Belarus, the solidarity program might assist you. A Family friend takes care of a family from our list under his financial custody for any period of time, or provides it with one-time material support through the Foundation.

Family friend signs
a contract with the Foundation. 
Family friend transfers funds
to the account of the Foundation.
As the agent, the Foundation securely transfers these funds to the political prisoner's family.
The Foundation reports to the Family friend.

Become a Family friend


The Foundation and the Family friend draw up a binding agreement for a period of 10 years on non-disclosure of personal data and any other information,
received within the framework of the Family friend solidarity program.

Important. All Family friends undergo mandatory verification. We want to create the safest, open, and most convenient assistance system possible.

If you are ready to become a Family friend, please fill out this form. If you have any questions - write to us by mail, we will explain and clarify any points. We will also help you choose a family and accompany you throughout the entire assistance period.

Thank you. You are incredible.

Become a Family friend