"Assistance to Migrants". Consultation and Information Service in Lithuania

Assistance to Belarusians from Lithuania.

"A Country to Live in" foundation is implementing a project to assist Belarusians in Lithuania.

Lithuania has become one of the destinations for the massive migration of Belarusians who fear for their safety in homeland. According to Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, around 70 thousand of our compatriots arrived in this Baltic country after August 2020. Their number is growing.

Belarusians in Lithuania, you can turn to our Foundation consultation on legalization issues. This consultation is completely free. It will allow you to avoid many mistakes and save time on correcting them.

What questions do we advise on?
  • Assistance in choosing a legalization procedure
  • Information about rights and obligations, depending on the status
  • Explanation of procedures related to applying for international protection
  • Providing contacts and resources for obtaining additional information and assistance

If you have been forced to emigrate to Lithuania due to persecution or the threat of persecution in Belarus for political reasons and have questions about legalization, please contact us via Telegram - @strunufund_nigris_bot.

Adapting and settling in a new country can be challenging. We will try to make it easier as much as possible.