Assistance in obtaining visas

Many citizens of Belarus are subject to persecution and pressure from the authorities. In this case, the best thing to do is leave the country and continue fighting the dictatorship. Let not in Belarus, but at liberty.

We are aware that it is not so easy to obtain a visa and leav in the conditions of closed borders and a diplomatic crisise.

That is why we offer our support.

Our Foundation provides assistance in obtaining visas, preparing documents, communicating with embassies, entering the name into the lists for visa support in Poland and Lithuania.

Important! The process of obtaining a visa, negotiating, and submitting a list is long, it can take up to two weeks because a lot of time is spent on verification and preparation of all documents. Although each side does its best to help, there are certain nuances that take up valuable time.

Therefore, if you urgently need to leave the country, because they are about to come for you:
  • take everything you need (a backpack with all the documents) and go to the Russian Federation
  • if possible, go to Ukraine

While in a safe area, you can also contact our Foundation for help in obtaining a visa.

Important! We can only help in obtaining visas for those citizens who have been persecuted for political reasons and have any supporting documents.

If you need help, please fill out an application, your request will be considered and put in a queue. Please fill in all fields carefully. The answer will come to the e-mail that you indicate in the appeal (importantly, check the SPAM folder). If you did not receive a response and did not find it in the SPAM folder, write to us again in the Contacts section. If you need any other help - also write to us. "A Country to Live in" foundation cooperates with many organizations.

Only together, supporting each other in this difficult time, we will cope with everything.

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