Assistance in admission to educational institutions of foreign countries

The Foundation advises on the selection and application of various educational courses and programs for language or vocational training for displaced volunteers and activists.
Program participants are citizens of Belarus who have been persecuted by the authorities for political reasons after August 9, 2020, under one or more of the following circumstances:
  • they were detained, arrested, beaten, tortured;
  • got fired;
  • expelled from educational institutions for the civil position;
  • were subjected to economic or psychological pressure, and made it impossible to continue their studies or work in Belarus.

Both volunteers and activists, as well as their family members, can participate in this support program.
The Foundation helps:
  • choose suitable training programs;
  • collect the necessary documentation;
  • oversee the application process for selected study programs.
If you need help or advice regarding participation in training programs, please write to us on

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