Let`s help the political prisoner to get ready for the stage

As of September 15, there are 671 political prisoners in Belarus. These people gave everything for the sake of a better and just life for all Belarusians and continue to defend their position even within the walls of correctional colonies and pre-trial detention centers.

Time is ticking - more than a year has passed since the arrest of some political prisoners. No matter how much we want or how much we hope for a quick exit of our heroes from behind bars, we need to face the truth. Belarusians have been imprisoned for an unacceptably long time.

Some have already been convicted and went to the stage. This means that we all need to seek the release of political prisoners and think over how to help them right now in the colonies. For people who were transferred from jail to prisons, food parcels are no longer relevant. They can only be passed on by close relatives a few times a year, and our colleagues from other initiatives help with this.

Now prisoners really need material support and warm, comfortable clothes. Especially now, when autumn has come, and winter is not far off.

We ask you to make life a little easier for people in the conditions of the so-called correctional colonies, and we offer four sets for collecting a political prisoner for the stage. Choose one or several sets - help the heroes of Belarus!

Please support those who are in a particularly hard time now. Help them get through difficult days in captivity, keep their health and faith in people.
Remember that solidarity is the main weapon of Belarusians.
Support "A Country to Live in" foundation to help our heroes to continue their activity!