Volunteers of "A Country to Live in" foundation are behind bars for 250 days

Volunteers of "A Country to Live in" foundation Tatyana Ostrovskaya, Anton Stashevsky, and Yulia Syrykh have been in captivity for 250 days. These people, our friends, were engaged in the delivery and collection of packages for political prisoners. Their "guilt" lies in collaboration and humanity. In Belarus today, these are criminally punishable acts.

At the same time, the cases of the Foundation's volunteers never reached the court. Our friends are still in jail, and the Belarusian Leviathan is in no hurry - he ate too many and is tired today. The repressive apparatus operates on the principle - the main thing is to arrest. Later the monsters with shoulder straps and robes will decide how to punish and by which article to judge.

But what do 250 days of imprisonment mean for our volunteers?
  • This is a loss of health. Walks are sporadic, the food is monotonous and devoid of vitamins, and there is not enough light in the cells and very few sleeping places. The chambers themselves resemble stone bags overflowing with people, often smoking.
  • This is a waste of time and separation from loved ones. 250 days is an incredibly long time, practically an entire school year for a child who has not seen his father or mother all this time. Yet, he grows and matures, learns to read or write, falls in love, or finds friends. And about all this, he can not talk with a loved one.
Our volunteers are not to blame for anything, but they are being deprived of the most valuable resources - health and time.

What can we do today? "A Country to Live in" foundation team continues to call for political prisoners' support with letters. Unfortunately, however, it is necessary, very often they receive correspondence only from close relatives, or not at all.

But you can send telegrams, make money transfers so that political prisoners can buy something in prison stores, or support families with children. So we call on you for any help and solidarity, which is not scary for you.

Tatyana Sergeevna Ostrovskaya, Anton Alexandrovich Stashevsky, Yulia Eduardovna Syrykh: SIZO-1, 220030, Minsk, st. Volodarsky, 2.
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