Anton Stashevsky - a man who believes in people

Volunteers of "A Country to Live in" foundation Tatyana Ostrovskaya, Anton Stashevsky, Yulia Syrykh have been behind bars for 215 days. They are there because they helped people, because they care. We want to introduce you to these wonderful people.

Today the friends will tell about Anton Stashevsky. Their names have been changed for security reasons.

 Anastasia. "Anton believes that everything was not in vain."

Anton was initially sincere, ideological. In the two years I've known him, he hasn't changed at all. Anton just gushes with ideas. He initially told me - let me sketch you, and you stop me, because not all ideas can be viable.  He is such a lighter. Anton loves when everyone around is happy and happy and satisfied.

In everyday life, he is unpretentious. Can be patient, a real man. He is very economic. He loves children very much and always took care of his wife. If one of the children is sick, he always tried to relieve Olya as much as possible and go to the clinic and take her to the circle. Some procedures, classes - Anton did everything.

Anton helped me a lot in Belarus... He always helps with advice, listens somewhere, cheers me up somewhere.  Encouraged me to lose weight. I got fatter on a nervous basis. That is why I was sent to prison in Zhodino, I sat there in a punishment cell on a hunger strike and came out slender and beautiful (laughs). I went out and said: "Just try, Anton, once again say that I need to lose weight."

Anton is in prison because he is a worthy, honest, courageous person who sincerely loves his country, his children, and cares about the common good.

If people do not help, he will be free not earlier than in 8 years. If no one wakes up and take some action together ... For example, a strike is a very good option - nationwide and indefinite.

The most effective way to support him by letters, but unfortunately they are not given to him. From his wife and from his parents, he does not even always receive them. I write letters, but none of them got to him. Although the last time I didn’t even sign it, I still couldn’t even get through anonymously. You can still financially support Anton. Put money into his account in prison.

His wife recently went on a date, he conveyed a huge hello to everyone. He still believes in our victory and hopes that everything is not in vain.

Vladislav:  "Anton is in prison for helping people."

Anton for me was a symbol of gratuitous universal assistance to people who had suffer because of their civic position and the desire to fulfill the law.

Anton is a man with burning eyes, he believed in people, invested in the development of assistance. Cool dad, he has a warm relationship in the family, with his wife.

He is in prison for his main activity, for helping people.

You can help by letters, let everyone who reads this material write to him. Let's break the blockade together!  When Anton comes out, we will start building a new country to live in!

Please write to the Foundation's volunteers.

Tatyana Sergeevna Ostrovskaya, Anton Alexandrovich Stashevsky, Yulia Eduardovna Syrykh: SIZO-1, 220030, Minsk, st.  Volodarsky, 2.

And we also call on all Belarusians of good will to solidarity - help those who are especially hard today.  Do it in any way possible for you.
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