What is known about the case of the volunteers of "A Country to Live in" foundation

Our friends, real heroes of Belarus - Tatiana Ostrovskaya, Anton Stashevsky, Yulia Syrykh, have been in prison for 160 days. Each of the children has children left at home who will celebrate this New Year without mom or dad. Unfortunately, there are many such families in Belarus - in our country, thousands of people are imprisoned by the dictator's will.

Currently, no investigative actions are being carried out with the Foundation's volunteers. Therefore, we do not even know the names of the articles of the Criminal Code, according to which our friends were detained (the lawyers are under a nondisclosure agreement).

But we know that Tanya, Anton, and Yulia receive very few letters. From them, friends at will, news rarely comes either. Unfortunately, there are questions about the health of prisoners - someone had eyes or stomach problems.

From time to time, they are taken for walks. But the walking yards are not cleaned at all. It is impossible to do any sports there. In general, the guys hold on and believe that we will see each other in free Belarus. We could hug our friends tightly! But the mood on these New Year's days is still depressed. Tanya, Anton, and Julia miss their kids a lot...

Friends, do not forget that you can also send postcards, telegrams, letters (it is better to send registered ones). The chances that prisoners will reach it are much higher! Please, we ask you to supply to send postcards and telegrams to our volunteers! Until their last-minute at large, these people kept and helped political prisoners, and now they need our solidarity.

Address for correspondence: Tatyana Sergeevna Ostrovskaya, Anton Alexandrovich Stashevsky, Yulia Eduardovna Syrykh SIZO-1, 220030, Minsk, st. Volodarsky, 2.
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