Stories of Belarusian students who left their homeland because of the injustice of the authorities

Pavel now lives in a shelter in Poland.
BNTU student from Lida.


On October 26, I was detained at a rally. 27, they let me go. Later I was expelled from the university and immediately tried to be drafted into the army. I was forced to leave the country.

I contacted the volunteers through the website of the "Country for Life" foundation. They helped a lot, organized a humanitarian corridor across the border. Then we spent some time in quarantine.

Then the volunteers removed the shelter for me. This is the only reason why I managed to stay here usually. That is, no financial costs are required because I live for free. Volunteers also provide meals.

I'm are very grateful for such help. I don’t know what I would do without all this.

Nikolai now lives in a shelter in Poland.
Student, originally from Gomel.

In Belarus, after the elections, I was detained three times and, as it turned out, a criminal case was opened against me. I had to leave the country for Poland to avoid criminal prosecution. And I ended up in a refugee camp.

Then volunteers contacted me and offered to come to the shelter. This was excellent news for me. Here I met interesting, cool people. I found a shelter, such an island of stability, where I could recover from everything.

I have already dealt with the documents, apply for study, and now I can study. Thank you very much for the shelter and the possibility to start a new life in a new place. 

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