The story of volunteer Olga Zazulinskaya, who faced pressure from the security forces in Belarus and was forced to leave the country

We continue the cycle of stories of people who, for their civic position in Belarus, were subjected to persecution and force pressure. Olga Zazulinskaya was an observer at the presidential elections, a volunteer, after which she fell into the millstones of the repressive apparatus. Now Olga is safe and can tell her story.

Olga now lives in a shelter in Lithuania
42 years old, two children.

She was an observer at the presidential elections in August 2020, a volunteer in the camp on Okrestin Street, a volunteer at the human rights center "Viasna." I was searched at my place of residence and registration. I was also convicted under Article 23.34. Due to threats against my children and me, I decided to leave.

In November 2020, I left for Lithuania along the humanitarian corridor with the help of "Dapamoga." During the quarantine, I was provided with free housing, helped with visas and insurance for the whole family.
Already in Lithuania, we found ourselves in a difficult situation, a lockdown began, there was no job to be found, there was no money to rent an apartment.

At that moment, "A Country to Live in" foundation came to the rescue. The staff of the foundation found out about my situation and offered help. There was an opportunity to live with my family in a shelter that the foundation rented. Also, as a volunteer, I received a one-time financial aid from the fund. In a word, the guys supported me in the most difficult moment, for which I am very grateful to them.

Living in a shelter, we found a job for my son. I myself was able to find a job, the necessary financial safety cushion appeared. We can say that the most difficult thing is over, but obviously, we would not have coped without help. In the future, we are looking for housing to move the whole family, and now it is possible to pay for the apartment.

We keep in touch with the fund constantly. All employees are very attentive. They are constantly interested in whether we have enough of everything if we need help in the future. For the new year, my youngest child was presented with gifts, Santa Claus came. Although my daughter is already 12 years old, it was a wonderful holiday for her, because far from home everything is felt much sharper, help and attention are very important.

Thanks to everyone who helped us. All the team of "A Country to Live in" foundation. I don’t share these guys because each of them took part in our history of salvation and improvement already here, in Lithuania. I wish them the strength to move on. You are doing incredibly well. May you and all Belarusians succeed!

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