The story of Yuri Kosach, who became a refugee because of the Belarusian repressive machine

This is one of the many stories of the Belarusian Revolution and the violent reaction that followed. Yuri Kosach is one of those who took the side of the World and suffered for their views. Now Yuri is safe now and can tell his story.

Yuri lives in shelter in Lithuania now.
Businessman, 57 years.

I left Belarus because I realized that only death awaits me in this country. It is difficult to believe in the law while standing in your own blood, on your knees with your hands folded behind your back.
  • When you hear only one thing: "You all die here. And your Tikhonovskaya we ..."
  • When 28 people are shoved into a cell where only four can fit.
  • When, instead of food and protective equipment against coronavirus, the following is heard from the watchdog window: "Well, when you start to die there...".
  • When you are thrown into a police van and taken to the forest, they say: "You didn't die in Okrestin Street, but here in a concentration camp, you'll get your“ freedom. ""
  • When you do not sign a confession, and you are again taken to Okrestin Street for re-education.
  • When you come to the investigative committee with a statement about abduction, torture. And they say to you: "Give up your words."
  • When unknown persons grab you, they take you to the forest, beat you, and say that the investigative committee's statement should be taken away.
  • When abused, crippled people are tried and given huge sentences just because they did not die - they brought so much trouble to this system.
You see, there is no law in the country.

My turn to die is in the forefront. Either I leave and live, or stay and die.

Foundation "A Country to Live in" and organization "Dapamoga" took care of the humanitarian corridor and brought me to the shelter of fund At the shelter, I met wonderful people.
  • Gennady Ivanovich capitalizes on my knowledge.
  • Olga is making soup.
  • Tatiana helps to visit the offices of headquarters and foundations.
  • The second Tatiana arranges to scold.
  • Gleb has succumbed to my influence and is already an oppositionist.
  • Leokadia is looking for a job for me.
  • Paul taught to be consistent (give proof, then blame).
The best here are the children. They taught me a good rule. If children do something wrong, then that's good.

I can go to any hard work and have my own bread.

I miss my family and friends. The job that I left in Belarus. Hope to return home soon.

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