“I’m fine, I’m doing pretty well, because the conditions here are almost like in the army ...”

“I'm fine. I'm doing pretty well because the conditions here are almost like in the army. I served in the Airborne Forces, so you shouldn’t worry about me.”

Artur Zhviridovsky's letter.

Artur Anatolyevich Zhviridovsky - a resident of Astravets, sentenced to 3 years in prison under two articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus.

Zhviridovsky was accused of hanging a white-red-white flag on one of the schools in Astravets at night in June 2021, and also painted three stripes in a white-red-white combination on a stone. In addition, he removed a red-green banner from the building of one of the state institutions of the regional center.

There is very little information about Arthur on the Internet, but in a letter he said that he was fond of parkour, liked hitchhiking - for him it was an opportunity to meet and meet interesting people.

Artur also shared his Instagram page, it shows what an open and kind guy he is, and listening to his stories gives the feeling of an old acquaintance. So we publish one of these videos.

Friends, go to Arthur's page, get to know each other and be sure to write words of support by mail to:

IK No. 2, 213800, Bobruisk, st. Sikorsky, 1.

We also ask you to send response letters from political prisoners to our chatbot.
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