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We are informed that Sofia Malashevich is under pressure in the colony. The girl is loaded with work, she has only 1 hour of free time per day, during which she simply collapses from her feet from fatigue. Sofia needs support.

She writes to her family that letters do not come at all, she is worried that everyone has forgotten about her, she is sad that in the middle of her term she is already deprived of support, and it is very difficult to cope here alone.

Sofia Malashevich and Tikhon Klyukach were detained after the events of September 6, when the “March of Unity” took place in Minsk. The guys were accused of painting the shields of special barriers with a spray can of paint.

We all know the importance of letters and the expression of solidarity. But we cannot imagine how valuable and important it is for those who have been in prison alone every day for a year already. So let's think about it at least for a minute and then we will understand how difficult it is. Please support Sofia Malashevich and all political prisoners with letters of solidarity!

Address for your letters and postcards: IK No. 4, 246035, Gomel, st. Antoshkina, 3 Sofia Andreevna Malashevich.
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