Nikita Zolotorev's father spoke about a date with his son

Minor Nikita Zolotarev was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison under three articles of the Criminal Code.

"We talked with Nikitos for 2 hours ... I was relatively cheerful. They joked. Said greetings from everyone. I say, son, your relatives from Canada, Denmark, England and from many other countries say hello to you and think of you.

For a very long time I listed the points of the planet, people who are worried about him. Nikita doesn't feel lonely.

There was a question about a petition for clemency. Nikitos said clearly: "No ... Into the zone, rather than a petition."

At the time of the meeting, I had not received any medications for 5 days ... He will study English, then to the Academy of High Technologies. I'm proud of him! "

We are also proud of Nikita and all the heroes of Belarus! Friends, now it is important to be all together. It is not only people who have ended up behind bars, or those who have gone abroad and put pressure on the regime from outside, not only to fight.

The efforts of Belarusians within the country are especially important. Yes, fighting the system while in it is harder and more painful, but there are safe ways for everyone.

Do not forget to support political prisoners with letters. It is very important!

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