Letter from political prisoner Ruslan Linnik

"I am pleased that in a difficult period for our country, I did not stand aside."
Ruslan Linnik's letter 

The main thing is to remain human in any situation, which I (like) can do so far. I never allowed (as much as I could) to do bad things to Belarusians. And now, as I sat down, I will go out ... "

Ruslan Linnik is a blogger who has been making videos on socially significant and political topics since 2020.

Ruslan was detained on February 20 in Vitebsk. According to the prosecution, he posted a video on his channel insulting the representatives of the police department.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that Linnik had been hiding for a long time, but "the employees of the Moscow department of the Main Directorate of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs detained him, despite his conspiratorial lifestyle and regular change of residence."

Friends, let's support Ruslan with letters. Remember that this is very important for political prisoners!

Address for letters: SIZO-1, 220030, Minsk, st. Volodarsky, 2.
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