Help save the life of Sergei Vereshchagin - the hero of modern Belarus!

Sergei Vereshchagin is a Gomel resident serving a sentence in colony number 13 in Hlybokaye. He was detained on August 12 and severely beaten.

Before the trial, the guy was in a pre-trial detention center. After the verdict was passed in November 2020, he was transferred to Hlybokaye. This is the most harsh colony in Belarus regarding to conditions of detention.

Among the diagnoses:
  • closed TBIs
  • сerebral contusion
  • fracture of the lumbar spine
  • bruised joints of the knees, elbows, and temple areas

The guy is constantly feeling dizzy, has darkened in his eyes, the entire left side of his body becomes numb. It is difficult for him to talk and move. He's going blind! But in the colony, he is forced to work despite such health problems.

Sergei Vereshchagin needs medical examination and treatment, and this requires at least hospitalization. In the colony, Sergei is denied help. The system continues to kill!

What can each of us do?!

Contact the following authorities in writing or by phone, with a request to provide Sergei with medical assistance - send him for examination and hospitalization:
  • Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus. We write requests in free form and send them to the email address:
  • Department of the Execution of Punishments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus. Let's write to the indicated address, or we call by phone and clarify the state of health of Sergei Vereshchagin: 220039 Minsk, st. Brilevskaya, 14A Reception chief +375 (172) 15 -54 -06, +375 (172) 15 -53-00, Fax. +375 (172) 15-54-57 +375 (172) 15-54-35
  • Group for work with citizens of the Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus in the Vitebsk region. We also write and call these guys, draw attention to the problem: 210038 Vitebsk, Moscow Ave. 51A +375 (212) 46-23-46 tel / fax +375 (212) 46-21-08 tel / fax +375 (212) 26-38-26 tel / fax
  • SOE corrective colony-13- Berezvechye. The place where Sergei is forced to work despite all his pains and injuries: 211800 Hlybokaye, st. Soviet, 205. Legal Counsel +375 (215) 62-59-71. Director +375 (215) 62-59-71
  • Corrective colony-13. Let's write to the colony's administration and clarify information about Sergei's state of health and demand to provide him with medical assistance: 211791 Hlybokaye, st. Soviet, 205 Tel. +375 (215) 62-92-48

We support morally and write letters to Sergei:

Sergei Vladimirovich Vereshchagin Email address:
corrective colony-13, 211791, Hlybokaye, st. Soviet, 205, 1 detachment Vitebsk region, RB Date of birth: 09/29/1989.

We ask you to spread this information and hammer and hammer with letters calls until Sergei receives medical assistance.
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