Congratulations to those who have a birthday on December 13-19

Political prisoners are celebrating their birthday in prisons this week.

Nikolai Sosnovsky - a resident of Orsha, convicted of commenting on the Odnoklassniki network

Dmitry Konopelko - Director of Technocracy LLC.

Olga Loiko is the editor-in-chief of the political and economic bloc at TUT.BY.

Vyacheslav Korotkevich is a resident of Svisloch, Grodno region, an English teacher at secondary school №2.

Stanislav Filimonov - sentenced to 5 years in a maximum-security colony in the case of riots in Brest.

Andriy Shevchuk - participant of the protest action in Zhlobin on August 9.

Vladislav Burin, a resident of Baranovichi, was sentenced to 4 years in a colony in a high-security regime in a criminal case of incitement to hatred.

Ivan Sovpel is a resident of Brest, a defendant in a criminal case opened after the protests in the city in August.

Pavel Fedukevich is a resident of Molodechno, convicted in a "railroad" case.

Ilya Lobatsevich is a resident of Novopolotsk, convicted under the article on violent actions against a police officer.

Mark Solonikov is a resident of Mogilev, from a large family. A defendant in the criminal case on the riots in Brest.

Maxim Silyuk, a resident of Brest, was detained to block railway tracks and hang stuffed animals.

Natalya Matveeva - detained on suspicion of planning arson of logging equipment.

Igor Pyzhyanov, a resident of Lida, was an election observer, and after that, he helped the victims and those dismissed for political reasons.

Artem Zadrutsky - detained in Brest in a criminal case initiated for comments on the Internet after Andrei Zeltser.

Sergei Gatskevich is an 11-grade student from Brest, a minor.

Dmitry Skretutsky, a businessman, was detained in Molodechno for "calling for protests and draining these security officials."

Ksenia Syromolot is a student of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences of the Belarusian State University, press secretary of "Zadzinochannya Belarusian students," volunteer of the Human Rights Center "Viasna."

Sergei Shevchenko - detained in the framework of a criminal case on group actions that grossly violate public order.

Friends, the history of each political prisoner, and the address for letters see the website of the HRC Viasna and Do not forget that letters from the outside are critical! In conclusion, Belarusians need your words of support.

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