Sergey Vereshchagin is in the punishment cell

We are receiving information about unprecedented pressure on political prisoner Sergey Vereshchagin.

For a long time, Sergey has been deprived of absolutely everything: letters, meetings with his mother, programs, parcels. Why such brutal disciplinary measures are applied to him, we do not know. However, one thing is clear - the regime continues to destroy and kill Belarusians.

After Sergey Vereshchagin's letter, where he described the real state of affairs, was released, total control was established over him. No, this is not a yellow tag on the robe. Sergei is constantly under the supervision of specially trained people. When Sergey is not in the punishment cell, he is constantly under the supervision of video cameras in his solitary confinement and under the total supervision of employees.

According to our data, the state of health of Sergey Vereshchagin is still appalling. The minimal examination that he was given did not significantly change anything. Sergey goes blind. But according to the colony employees, he “just imagines diseases for himself and the fact that his right side of the body practically does not move.”

The events of 2020-2021 showed all the abominations of the lukashenka regime. They also showed all the abominations of those who serve this criminal regime. In the future, their activities will be highly appreciated by the judiciary. We remind you that torture and inhuman treatment have no statute of limitations. You have to answer.
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