The environment of good deeds. Maxim Maximov

Maxim Maximov lived in Mogilev and was not interested in politics until August 2020. On election day, he was tortured in Okrestin Street, and after his release, he was forced to leave Belarus urgently.

Here is his story.

I was a student in Belarus. I studied at the Mogilev State College of Technology in the 4th year. I was absolutely apolitical - my view of what was happening in the country changed Okrestin Street, where I ended up on August 9.

Everything was shocked there. Blood on the floor, blue boys and girls, filled cells in which it was impossible to be, female cries for help from behind the wall - for which they received a bucket of bleach. After all, I've seen, my life will no longer be the same ...

I was advised to leave Belarus. Before that, there were numerous "requests" to meet with me and phone calls. Of course, I decided not to meet anyone in any way.

After that, I had to leave the country with one backpack urgently. I came through the "Dapamoga" foundation, which helped me to legalize in Lithuania. The most difficult thing in Vilnius was to get away from the stress that I received over the last days in Belarus. I must say that all the Lithuanians I met turned out to be good and supported me.

I made watches on different subjects when I was in Belarus. And already when I arrived in Lithuania, I thought that this topic would be very relevant here. So far, I have been selling my products only through local chats. The watch I make is a kind of message for all Belarusians. They remind us that victory is not far off.

Most of all I miss my family and friends. I want to believe that we will all be back home very, very soon ...

Long live Belarus!

You can support Maxim Maximov by buying a watch of his production in Vilnius or ordering and receiving it anywhere in the world. Check out the samples here.

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