Poem by Nikolai Shemetov

Poem by Nikolai Shemetov.

«Закаляясь в сырых казематах
Крепнут те, кто желая свободы 
Раздавали букеты солдатам
Призывая остаться с народом 

Растилая скрипучие нары
Укрываясь ветшалым пологом
Мерзнут те, кто тушил пожары
Называя спасение долгом!

Журналисты, певцы, бизнесмены
И в тюрьме продолжают сражаться 
Не пугают тюремные стены! 
Люди просто устали бояться!»

Nikolai Shemetov is the father of four children. He was detained on December 21 at the threshold of the school, where he came with his daughter. He was accused of organizing and actively participating in group actions that grossly violated public order (parts 1 and 2 of Article 342 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus) during Sunday marches in August and September 2020.

The verdict was two years in prison.

We previously wrote about this family and that Nikolai's wife and four children are awaiting at large. The family has a flower shop that sells the best flowers for the holidays and beyond.

You can support Nikolai's family by purchasing a bouquet, and Nikolai's - by writing a letter to the address: SIZO-6, 225413, Baranovichi, st. Brestskaya, 258 V.

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