There are not many opportunities to write here

“I'm slowly moving south... There aren't many opportunities to write here. But I write in the sun! And I can look at the trees just from the window. And the courtyard of the “local isolated room” is five times larger than Volodarka’s courtyard.”

Letter from Stepan Latypov.

Stepan Latypov is an arborist (specialist in maintaining trees and caring for them as individual organisms), director of the Belarbo company, a resident of a house near the Square of Changes in Minsk.

He was captured on September 15, 2020 in the courtyard along Chervyakova Street. During the search, he was beaten by police officers. A few days later, a story was shown on TV in which Latypov was accused of plans to poison the security forces with the help of rare chemicals. True, during the trial, this information no longer appeared.

At one of the court sessions, Stepan Latypov pierced his neck with a pen - he took a desperate step because of the incessant bullying from the GUBOPiK employees. From the hospital on the same day he was again transferred to prison.

Judge Alexander Volkov sentenced Stepan Latypov to 8 years and 6 months in a strict regime colony and a fine of 300 basic units. Stepan was transferred to "Wolf Holes" - IK-22 in the Ivatsevichi district, notorious for harsh conditions of detention. It is located near the agricultural town of Domanovo right in the forest.

Friends, please write to the courageous Belarusian Stepan Latypov. He did not bow his head before the clubs of the policemen and punishers, he endured prison torture, and with honor passed "the most just trial in the world." But, unfortunately, he can only wait for his release today and still answer our letters. He, who helped so much, now needs help and support himself.

Stepan Sergeevich Latypov.

Address for letters: IK No. 22. 225295, Brest region, Ivatsevichi, st. Domanovo, PO Box 20.
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