In your words about Anton Stashevsky - a volunteer of "A Country to Live in" foundation

The story of our readers about the volunteer of the Fund Anton Stashevsky.

“I met political prisoner Anton Stashevsky this spring. When we first met, he was wearing a "Country for Life" T-shirt.

Anton lived with his family, and this is his wife and two beautiful children, in a dormitory in a very small room, but he was not at all shy about it and even treated me to coffee. This is an amazing person, with a kind heart and an open soul. He wanted to help people and was ready to do it all day long. Anton never refused to help, was sensitive and always believed in our New Belarus.

It is very hard to realize that a person is being held behind bars for helping people.

After my arrest, my family and friends told how the volunteers of "A Country to Live in" fund helped them. Thank you for your help. We remember what you did for us."

"Good day. I want to tell you about Anton. I know him as a very sympathetic and good-natured person. I saw him only once, mostly communicated by correspondence, but this was quite enough to understand what a wonderful person Anton is.

He helped my brother when he was in Volodarka before being transferred to the Gomel SIZO. Anton wore his products for a long time, for which I am very grateful. My brother managed to remember him well and more than once asked to convey personal gratitude to Anton. And then I found out that Anton was taken away, and even under such an article! (terrorist financing). How is it in general? For food aid to those in need?

Now Anton himself was a prisoner of conscience and ended up in the same cell on Volodarka where my brother was sitting. Honestly, I am shocked by what is happening, because we now have helping people - a criminal offense, while all sorts of alcoholics, throwing small children out of the window, get off with a couple of years of "chemistry".

Friends, please support the volunteers of "A Country to Live in" foundation with letters: SIZO-1, 220030, Minsk, Volodarskogo 2. Solidarity is our power!
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