"Behaving incorrectly." Letter from Sofia Malashevich

Sofia Malashevich shares her experience of being in prison.

“Back in the punishment cell, no one explains the reasons, everything is standard, I behave incorrectly, they say. There are no letters at all, only from my mother and that is rare. I continue to wait and believe, everything will definitely work out. "

Sofia Malashevich is a political prisoner. She was detained for the first time on September 6 at a protest rally "March of Unity", during which she sprayed with paint on the surface of the shields of special barriers. She became a suspect in a criminal case under Art. 342 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus and Part 2 of Art. 339 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus.

Then Sofia Malashevich was released on recognizance not to leave, but was detained again on November 26 and placed in custody.

"The fairest court in the world" passed a sentence: two years in prison in a general regime colony.

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