It's like being in prison

"There is nothing to write. Nothing happens to me.  Every day it's the same. It's like being in prison. Everything is dark and sad. Heartache and anxiety. There are no gaps in anything. Yet, there is a clear understanding that nothing bright is foreseen ahead ... The only hope is in the Lord that He will give me the strength to reach the end of this segment of my life".

Letter from Sergei Vereshchagin.

Sergei Vereshchagin is a resident of Gomel, sentenced to five years in prison. He was arrested on August 12, 2020, for allegedly shouting from the window of his apartment at the police officers who carried out the arrests and throwing bottles at them. However, he did not admit his guilt.

 During the arrest, Sergei Vereshchagin was seriously beaten. Among the diagnoses made:
  • closed TBI
  • brain contusion
  • lumbar spine fracture
  • contusion of the joints of the knees, elbows, and temporal parts
It is not surprising that he is experiencing serious health problems that are not easy to correct in the conditions of the Belarusian penitentiary system. In May, we wrote about a deterioration in his condition. At that time, Sergei Vereshchagin was serving his sentence in IK-13 in the city of Glubokoe, which, according to the conditions of detention, is considered one of the toughest in the country.

In addition to the failure to provide medical assistance, Sergei was repeatedly sent to the ShIZO. The pressure on him didn't stop there. Last October, Sergei Vereshchagin's regime was changed from "general" to "strict". Sergei was transferred to Grodno, in prison considered one of the strictest since Soviet times.

Recently, our friends received the first letter for a long time from Sergei Vereshchagin. Of course, it is filled with pain and suffering. But Sergei hopes to pass this test to the end.

Friends, please support Sergei Vereshchagin with letters. There is a possibility that some of them will still make their way through the sieve of all kinds of censors. Support is significant for all political prisoners, especially those who have lost hope.

Address for letters: 230023, prison No. 1, Grodno, st. Kirov 1. Sergei Vladimirovich Vereshchagin.

We also ask you to send response letters from political prisoners to our chatbot.
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