“I saw a lot here and I have a lot to tell you. I'm getting ready for this time!"

Sergey Petrukhin is a Brest blogger, author of "the People's Reporter" and "Youtube-Deputies" YouTube channels.

During the election campaign, he supported and covered everything that happened to Sergei Tikhanovsky, for several years he fought against the construction of a battery plant in Brest, supported the “Feeding pigeons” campaign.

On April 14, the October Court of Mogilev issued a verdict in a criminal case against Brest bloggers Sergey Petrukhin and Alexander Kabanov. Both bloggers were sentenced to three years in a general regime colony.

Recall that this "trial" took place without the bloggers themselves because they refused to participate in this circus.

Friends, let's support Sergey with letters! Remember that our indifference, or the desire to forget the events of the last year, only plays into the hands of the criminal regime. But solidarity and mutual support work wonders.

Address for letters: IK No. 3, 211322, Vitebsk region, g. Vitba.
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