"You should know, your son and husband did nothing wrong!"

The relatives of political prisoner Anton Stashevsky received the first letter from him.

The volunteers of "A Country to Live in" fund have been in prison for 25 days. The specific accusations that are being brought against the guys have not yet been announced.

In his first letter, Anton thanks for the parcel, worries that he did not have time to call his parents and ask about his health on the day he was arrested. He is glad that during the search the children and wife were not at home, worried about them.

"The main thing, you know, you shouldn't be upset and worried. Your son and husband have done nothing wrong. All I did was help people who were imprisoned. Unfortunately, someone thinks this is a terrible crime!"

We are completely sure of the innocence of our volunteers! As well as the fact that they will go out and switch places with those who really deserve a place on bunks without a mattress and a bowl of gruel.

Support our volunteers with letters: SIZO-1, 220030, Minsk, Volodarskogo 2. Solidarity is what really matters.
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