12th of August. Vilnius. "Revolution with a woman's face"

A charity event dedicated to the start of women's protests in Belarus will be held tomorrow in Vilnius on the Town Hall Square. It was on this day, August 12 last year, that brave Belarusians took to the streets, protesting against the bloody terror.

In August 2021, in the midst of incessant repression and legal default in their native Belarus, the girls will go to Vilnius to show their solidarity, strength, faith in goodness, and the victory of justice.


During the action, funds will be collected to help the families of political prisoners and their children. After all, autumn is approaching - the time when parents collect their children for school, buy the necessary school supplies. Our task is to help them with this. This can be done on the page of "A Country to Live in" foundation, which is one of the organizers of the action.

Within its framework, there will be demonstrations of a collection of clothes by a famous Belarusian designer and costumes created by a creative group of Lithuanian relocators in memory of women's marches. There will also be a show of T-shirts with prints by artist Vladimir Tsesler. And on an impromptu stage, there will be girls in white and in the merchandise of "A Country to Live in" foundation.

The audience will also see the joint work of clothing designer Alexander and artist Yekaterina, dedicated to three women heroines from Belarus: Nina Baginskaya, Maria Kolesnikova, Marina Zolotova.

So, 12 August, Vilnius, 19 hours. "Revolution with a woman's face". We are waiting for all those who are not indifferent!
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