12 issue of "Real News"

The latest issue of the independent newspaper "Real News" was published. It contains the truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth about the events in Belarus.

Was your favorite newspaper thrown out of the subscription catalog of "Belpochta" and BelDruk?

Are you uncomfortable reading from your phone or computer screen?

Do you like to rustle paper?

Are you interested in the latest news about the life of Belarus, and the names and writings of azaronak and mukovozchik cause gnashing of teeth?

We have a simple solution for you - "The Real News" newspaper. Read in issue 12: 
  • Four stages of social movements. Where are we?
  • The hidden life of Belarusians: hot water
  • Cleaning up the media in Belarus
  • Analysis of adopted laws
  • How is the renovation of the church in Budslav going

Read more real news here and now.

Download the issue in PDF.

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